Visa Information

Countries that don't need a visa

No limitations:
  • Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.
For up to 90 days:
  • Cuba, Israel, Turkey, Venezuela, Qatar.
For up to 30 days:
  • Serbia, United Arab Emirates.
Special conditions:
  • Macedonia (in the presence of a private invitation or a tourist voucher);
  • Montenegro (for up to 30 days in the presence of a private invitation or a tourist voucher);
  • Ecuador (for up to 30 days).

Documents to obtain the visa

Passport (requirements for passports):
  • have at least two blank pages intended for visas;
  • have a period of validity exceeding the expected date of departure of an alien from the territory of the Republic of Belarus for at least 90 days;
  • in case of introduction of a visa together and inscribed in the following document for travel abroad of minors in the document for travel abroad shall be photos of these persons.
Application form for visa:
  • visa application form filled in legibly by hand or with the use of technical means in the official language of the receiving State missions abroad, or Russian, or Belarusian or English;
  • answers to questions visa application form must be complete and logically consistent, point to the real purpose of the trip;
  • visa application form signed by a foreigner personally;
  • visa application form signed by a minor's legal representative.
One photo:
  • size 35x45 mm;
  • full face on a light background;
  • the picture to be 70-80 percent of the face;
  • prescription pictures - no more than 6 months.
Health insurance:
Health insurance, signed with "Belgosstrakh" or "Beleximgarant" or health insurance, signed with any foreign insurance organization.

Health insurance with foreign insurance organization (requirements):
  • contain the name of a foreign insurance company and an indication of its location, phone numbers of a foreign insurance company or international assistance services, as well as the surname, first name, middle name (if any) of the foreign citizen;
  • distribute its effect on the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
  • to act for a period of temporary residence or temporary residence of a foreign citizen in the Republic of Belarus;
  • provide for the insurance sum not less than EUR 10 000.
Availability of health insurance contracts with foreign insurance organization can be confirmed by an insurance policy, an insurance card or other document containing the above information on the contract for health insurance.

As well as:

  • visa support documents confirming the purpose and conditions of the visit;
  • proof of payment of consular fee.
Please note foreign citizens when entering the territory of the Republic of Belarus is necessary to obtain a migration card. The migration card is issued to a foreign citizen for free.

Consular fee (EUR)

Please note citizens, on the territory of countries which do not have consular offices of the Republic of Belarus, can get a visa in the "Minsk" National Airport.

Consular fee the National Airport Minsk (EUR)

The visa applications procedure

  1. You send us a request by e-mail with a request for visa support, as well as a copy of the passport with passport data;
  2. You send us the completed questionnaire. Application form can be downloaded here;
  3. We book the hotel for you, according to your preferences, for the entire period of stay in Belarus, as well as any additional travel services (excursions, transfers, transportation, guide service, etc.);
  4. You pay the cost of visa support, hotels and other tourist services according to the invoice;
  5. We will send visa support documents (invitation - a petition - and the contract of rendering tourist services) to you and to the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Belarus abroad (consular office "Minsk" National Airport).
Please note that the order of registration of the Belarusian entry tourist visa, as well as the full list of required documents can be found on the website of the diplomatic representation of the Republic of Belarus, where you want to apply.
— We will prepare the documents within - 3 working days.
— As a general rule, the passport is in the embassy - 5 working days.

Visa support for foreign citizens is as follows

  • Meeting employee in the consular section;
  • Registration application;
  • Submission of the original application to the consular office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus at the airport (5 days prior to your arrival);
  • Making tourism services contract;
  • Hotel reservations (look at our hotel deals);
  • Help in completing the visa application form.